About Europtica.

Europtica is the world leader in filtration & chilling for the ophthalmic lens production industry.

Europtica’s products are designed to meet your lens surfacing and finishing requirements, improve lens production quality, offer economic benefits and are eco-friendly. They reduce pollution during lens production, without compromising on the quality of optics finishing results. EURO KLEENCHILL Systems are the ophthalmic lens manufacturing industry standard worldwide, accepted by all the leading multi-national lens production organisations such as HOYA, ZEISS, ESSILOR etc. The extensive range of models is built to meet every possible lens production or budget requirements. The grinding and polishing of optical lenses is a delicate stage of lens production.

The EURO KLEENCHILL Systems for lens water polishing involve the very latest filtration and lens production refrigeration cooling technology, in a centralised system. The advantages of such a system (both in the production and economically of lens manufacturing) make it an essential tool for every optical production laboratory. EURO KLEENCHILL GENO lens generator coolant management system enjoys worldwide success in serving all wet cut lens generators and industrial lens edger manufacturers. The Geno re-circulates, filters and chills the lens generator coolant water. With its integral chiller, it offers constant lens production with no interruption for filter emptying/cleaning. Avoiding lens generator coolant jet clogging, it leaves no mess as well as providing an efficient waste separation for dry disposal which reduces operating costs for lens surface generation, lens edging and fining, as well as pollution.

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